Genuine social, economic and workplace transformation is critical for positive economic growth in South Africa, the outcome of which affects us all. If you are someone who believes in workplace transformation and equality, we can assist you.


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Aligning Workforce Strategies With Business Objectives

Integrating Employment Equity, Skills Development &  B-BBEE

Transformation, through legislation such as B-BBEE, Employment Equity and Skills Development, is essential to the growth and development of the entire country. These initiatives have far-reaching impact on the unemployment rate, the crime rate, levels of poverty and the general economic state of the country.


Employment Equity initiatives, coupled with Skills Development are key imperatives which all companies must embrace in order to attain genuine transformation. You can use these 2 key areas to increase productivity within your organisation, up-skill your staff and provide opportunities to those who have been previously disadvantaged while making the country internationally competitive which in turn benefits the standards of living for ALL. Attain your desired scorecard level by focusing on Employment Equity and Skills Development .

Skills Development

Harness the power of learning strategies designed to develop
the skills set of your employees, while attaining B-BBEE targets and financially benefiting your business.

Employment Equity

Promote equal opportunity, a sincere appreciation of diversity and a culture of inclusion in your workplace through targets and objectives aimed at levelling the playing field.

B-BBEE Facilitation & Indicative Scorecards

Employment Equity and Skills Development are a large part of your scorecard. Implement these initiatives, attain compliance and embrace transformation, growth & development while reaching your B-BBEE goals.

Policies, Practices & Procedures

Avoid unnecessary employment issues with sound business practices and clear and legislatively compliant company policies; the foundation of any organisation.

Comply and Thrive

Employers can have it both. Use these 3 inter-connected aspects within your organisation to attain compliance while growing and developing your work environment to achieve financial success for all. Non-compliance can cost your organisation dearly in the form of the financial repercussions of large fines and the loss of revenue.
Comply and reap the rewards within your company.

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